About Us

Meet the “CEO” of Number 1 Prospect

Ian L. lynch

Ian was born in Washington D.C and raised in PG County, Maryland. He attended high school at Bishop McNamara in Forestville, MD where he played football and lacrosse. From a career ending surgery he chose to take his path into health education where he got inspired to bring recognition to the mental health of the community and portray this through his art and brand name called Number One Prospect (N.1.P).

Number One Prospect signifies creating your own reality and putting yourself first to reach your dreams. The goal of this brand is to bring awareness to self-love and your own self-image. We want to encourage people to believe in their selves for their own dreams, and stay true to who they are. We are all born to be number one and being made through the image of God makes us prospects of God.

We hope to inspire growth, confidence, and creativity in every individual in the community.